Bio/Freddy C.
He's Freddy Concepcion and the future looks optimistic for this unconventional  American Hispanic artist whose lyrics and music contains a very distinctive style.

      Born in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico and migrating to Chicago as a young boy.   During his high school years he enrolled in music and guitar courses,  joined local neighborhood bands.  Upon graduation he enlisted in the Army, while on duty, he joined a band that performed in talent shows,  Army bases and special events like October Fest in Munich (German: Munchen) Germany (1979-1981).  It was there that he realized what he wanted to be and accomplish in his life.  After completing his tour of duty Freddy C. returned to Chicago. 
       Soon he formed a band called Latin Chi-Town  and did some solo gigs throughout Chicago.    While working at the Field Museum of  Natural  History Freddy C.  was asked to perform at the Hispanic Heritage Celebrations.  After performing a producer from channel 44’s show  “Brechita” invited Freddy C.  to perform on the television show (1991).  That event became an apex for him.  It revitalized his dream and with renewed confidence.  He was invited a second time to the show.  

    1993  was a significant year for Freddy C.  He was asked to help compose the music and lyrics for a compact disc and music video for the funding of NDEF, a non-for profit organization which helps kids stay away from drugs and gangs.  Freddy C. was mentioned for his efforts in an article on April 5, 1993. Jet magazine.  On June 28,1993.  Freddy C was the winner  in the category of male vocalist/guitarist at the 14th annual Music Showcase held by the Chicago Park District  at the Taste of Chicago with his winning song Do The Merengue.

      In 1997 Freddy C. moved to Puerto Rico,  there he performed at several special events.  In 1999 he returned to Chicago and reestablished Freddy C. music studio and continued to perform in the local music scene and special events. 

      In 2017 Freddy C. is planning to move to Galesburg Illinois and there establish the music studio to work with the local talent, musicians and perform in the local Special Events. 

       Freddy C. remains strongly rooted in the Illinois artist community,  and reaching out to other musicians in the world.  He hopes that with his music he can build bridges between cultures so that we can learn to “Live In Peace Before We Rest In Peace”.  Like Jesus wants us to be.

      I just moved to Beautiful Galesburg and starting to set up my studio as soon as posible, It wll be availble by June of 2017. 

Thank you for visitng and may God bless you.